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Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring – a residence with various types of wood decoration has always been a solution for the realization of an elegant residence full of aesthetic value. By using wooden floors, not only the aesthetics of the house are good, but the comfort of the dwelling will also increase.

For those of you who have decided to use wood parquet floors, but are still confused about which wood floors are the most suitable to be applied, this time we will discuss one of the most frequently applied types of parquet. Namely Merbau parquet.

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Getting to Know Merbau Wood

Raw Merbau wood

Merbau is a type of tree that produces high-quality wood. Merbau comes from Papua. because of the quality of the wood, this wood is often also called ironwood.
while the names in English are Moluccan ironwood, Malacca teak, and others

care tree is large, can reach 50m in height, with a branch-free trunk of about 20m and ringing up to 160(-250) cm.

Technically Merbau wood is a heavy wood species (BJ 0.63-1.04 at 15% moisture content). With a very high level of hardness, namely the hard level of class I, and the level of strength and durability of class II depending on the age of the wood. This wood is often considered with teak because it has an equivalent quality.

Merbau wood is classified as a type of wood that is resistant to wood rot fungi and termites or wood destroying pests. so it is also suitable for use as an outdoor wood floor.

Merbau wood is a type of wood with a very small expansion and shrinkage rate, this wood is also classified as a type of wood with low cracking power. This makes Merbau wood not easily damaged when dried.

Merbau wood has straight fibers like coconut wood, although some are irregular, such as in the eye area. With a rough texture but with a slippery surface after sanding, it is safe to use as a parquet.

The color of Merbau wood varies from gray-brown, and yellow-brown to bright red-brown or almost black. While the sapwood is pale yellow or light yellow. However, on average, Merbau wood is red-brown in color. source (our jungle)

Merbau Wood Uses for interior & exterior Parquet Flooring

Suitable for what kind of floor is this type of Merbau wood flooring? Let’s look at the reviews below:

Merbau wood for parquet flooring

interior Merbau wood flooring based on marketing info, this Merbau wood flooring is one of the best-selling products after teak wood. this may be based on the quality which is comparable to teak wood but at a lower price. (when compared to Teak Grade A)

This Merbau wood is very suitable to be used as parquet flooring in the room because the brownish red color of this wood can make the dwelling look very luxurious and also does not forget its natural impression. Perfect for use in the living room

With the properties of hardwood and not easy to rot, crack and experience shrinkage, of course, this wood is very suitable to be used as parquet because it will last quite a long time.

In addition to aesthetics, Merbau wood is also very good for health. Where Merbau parquets will release negative ions into the air where negative ions can stop bacteria, viruses, and germs and make the body healthier and stronger so it is suitable for use in the bedroom area.

So there is no reason not to choose Merbau parquet to be used as an indoor wooden floor.

Merbau wood for outdoor wood decking

wooden decking

outdoor pool decking
If you look at the strength and durability of wood, it can be concluded that this exotic type of wood can be used as a material for outdoor decking. it is supported by Merbau wood which is resistant to weather changes, not easy to crack, and very difficult for termites to eat.

However, you should note that Merbau wood will usually emit a red liquid that is very difficult to remove, especially when it comes into contact with clothes when the wood is exposed to water for the first time.

So, for the installation of Merbau wood decking, we recommend you do some special practices to get rid of the red liquid.

Or just be patient for the liquid Merbau sap to come out which usually will run out within 1 month

Merbau wood parquet products
Merbau wood is one of 3 kinds of wood that have many roles in making various wood products apart from wood and teak wood. Our Merbau wood is produced as indoor parquet flooring, outdoor wood decking, wooden ceilings for house roofs, wooden plinths for accessories, and wooden boards for stairs.

indoor Merbau parquet flooring

Merbau wood Parquet Flooring types for bedrooms
Merbau parquet name
Size per pcs (cm) Price range
Merbau Wood Lamparquet 1cm x 6cm x 30cm the price is between
1cm x 6cm x 25cm 140 to
1cm x 5cm x 25cm