Merbau Wood Advantages and Disadvantages

Merbau Wood Flooring

Merbau Wood Advantages and Disadvantages – Merbau wood is one of the typical types of wood from Papua, although this type can also be found in the forests of Kalimantan. Many people rarely hear of this wood because Merbau Wood is rarely used for furniture or other wood crafts. Merbau Wood is rarely used as a craft because this wood has properties that are difficult to process because it has a very high level of hardness and straight fibers similar to coconut wood.

Merbau Wood from Papua has a hardness level in class I and a level of durability in class II. The fiber is almost the same as coconut wood, and the luxurious brownish color of Merbau wood will make the house look very luxurious.

This wood is known to be strong against weather changes and resistant to termite attacks and fungal growth. Although rarely used as furniture, Merbau wood is very suitable for parquet flooring.

Merbau wood products that we provide are very many; this is because of good quality this Merbau wood has a price that is not too expensive and is very good to be applied as parquet wood flooring.

This Merbau wood floor is suitable because the color is brownish red which, when combined with white walls in the dwelling, will look elegant and luxurious. In addition, the use of Merbau wood in housing is also due to the nature of Merbau wood itself which emits a lot of negative ions into the air, where these negative ions are very good for health.

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