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Merbau Wood Decking

Merbau Wood Decking – Often used as the primary material for building houses, furniture, and furnishings, wood is one of the materials that many people around the world like. Moreover, wood consists of various types, each having its appearance and advantages.

Of the many types of wood materials, such as agarwood and mahogany, Merbau wood is often used to construct houses and furniture. So, for those interested in Merbau wood, try to see and understand the following sundries about Merbau wood before using it!

The Origin of Merbau Wood Decking

Merbau wood is processed from the Merbau tree, a member of the Fabaceae tribe. This Merbau tree grows a lot on several islands in Indonesia, more precisely on Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, to Maluku.

The tree that became the forerunner of Merbau wood can grow up to 50 meters high. Merbau wood is also often called ironwood because of its hard character, so it is also suitable for constructing houses, bridges, and truck bodies.

In terms of texture, Merbau wood has a character that tends to be rough with straight transverse fibers. However, there is also Merbau wood with an irregular surface. Thus, the use of Merbau wood can be adjusted to your needs.

What Colour Is Merbau?

The color character of Merbau wood Decking is brownish yellow, reddish brown, to slightly black. In general, the colors of Merbau wood are classified as similar to teak wood, so it is often used as an alternative to teak wood.

Hardness Level of Merbau Wood Decking

As mentioned above, Merbau wood has a high level of hardness. In addition, Merbau wood is also classified as a heavy wood group, so it is very suitable for various purposes, ranging from materials for building houses, materials for making door and window frames, and the primary material for producing parquet floors.

We have Merbau wood with finished products: parquet or wood floors, decking, and stair traps.

Merbau Wood Decking is Durable and Long Lasting

The high hardness of Merbau wood also affects the durability of this material. Merbau wood has excellent resistance to various weather conditions, so that it can be used as a material for outdoor wood flooring or decking.

Besides that, Merbau wood also has the advantage of being anti-termite and anti-fungal, making its use more durable. If Merbau wood is processed using the drying technique, then the potential for damage to it becomes smaller because it minimizes damage, such as cracks, and does not shrink quickly.

Indonesian Original Merbau Wood Supplier

We produce Merbau wood with wood or parquet flooring, decking, and stair traps. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of Merbau wood, then we are the right company.
Our Merbau wood is native to the island of Papua New Guinea, which has a darker hue.