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Merbau Decking

Merbau Decking is a very high-quality wood. This wood is known as ironwood in the Maluku and West Papua regions. Whereas in Papua New Guinea, the wood is called kwila. In Indonesia, this wood is used as raw material for heavy construction, such as poles, beams, bridges, and houses. Its hard characteristics also make this wood suitable for making furniture.

About Merbau Decking, Its Advantages, and Characteristics

1. The Origin of Merbau Wood

It should be noted that Merbau wood is very easy to find in Maluku, West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Merbau trees are still abundant, so they are not endangered. However, this wood may be difficult to find if massive exploitation occurs.

This tree is a member of the Fabaceae (Leguminosae) tribe. Having a hard character makes Merbau wood get the nickname ironwood. This Merbau tree usually grows to a medium to large size, reaching 50 meters, and the trunk length is approximately 2 meters.

2. Has a Distinctive Color

Merbau wood is a type of wood that has a distinctive color when viewed from the color of the wood. This one has a color that tends to resemble teak wood. It is not surprising that this wood is the choice to replace teak wood, which is increasingly expensive.

The color of this wood is dominantly brownish-yellow to reddish-brown. The color owned is so distinctive that it is very suitable to be processed into various kinds of furniture.

3. Fibers are Transverse Straight

The next advantage of Merbau wood is that it has straight transverse fibers. The fiber is a distinct characteristic of the wood, so it looks unique.

However, it should be noted that the types and properties of this wood are very diverse. This causes some Merbau wood not to have a square cross-section but instead have irregular fibers.

4. Merbau wood is quite hard

Merbau wood has a fairly hard texture. This type of wood is one type of hardwood. Even though it is hard, it is durable and long-lasting if used for various things. This reason later pushed him to become the prima donna for making various furniture.

5. Low Depreciation Rate

Before being processed, the wood will usually be dried in the sun or dried in the sun first. This is also done if you are going to process Merbau wood. If this wood is dried, the level of damage will be smaller. Moreover, this wood has a low shrinkage rate and cracking power.

6. Coarse Texture

Merbau Decking has a fairly rough texture. Merbau wood has a rough texture. However, when touched, the wood feels slippery and smooth. The combination of rough texture and reddish-brown color makes this wood suitable for furniture. In addition, this wood is resistant to insect attacks, such as fungi and termites.

7. The price is very affordable

Having a quality that is not much different from teak wood makes this wood an option when teak wood is getting more expensive. Merbau tree wood is sold at very affordable prices so that it is used as material for making furniture. In addition, the availability of Merbau tree wood is very abundant, so it can be easily obtained.

Now that’s information about Merbau wood, its advantages, and its characteristics. It turns out that Indonesia itself grows various kinds of trees that are very high quality and can be used to make various useful things. Therefore, let’s work together to keep it from becoming extinct.

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